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BRB is the only source that publishes business leads BEFORE
the change occurs!

BRB publishes New Business Leads, Change of Ownership Leads,
New Branch / Expansion / Remodeling Leads, and New Location Leads.
Use this valuable sales information to gain clients!

Studies have shown that businesses are more likely to buy and/or switch
vendors when they are undergoing a change.
BRB collects, reviews and reports these changes every business day.
BRB is here to make your competitive job easier.
So easy, we are taking the competition out of it!

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Lead Categories

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#1 - New Businesses

New businesses which PLAN to open or have opened within the last two weeks. Excludes food & drink type establishments (see Category #5).

#2 - New Locations

Businesses which PLAN to move or have moved from one location to another within the Metro area. Excludes food & drink establishments (see Category #5).

#3 - New Branch/Expansions/Remodels

Businesses which PLAN to acquire or have acquired additional space at their present facility or at another Metro location. Excludes food & drink type establishments (see Category #5).

#4 - Change Of Ownership/Leadership

Businesses which PLAN to be or have been purchased, or businesses which have recently acquired new leadership. Excludes food & drink type establishments (see Category #5).

#5 - Food And Drink Establishments

All changes affecting bar, restaurant, liquor, grocery or other retail food & beverage businesses.

About Us

What is BRB's Lead Service?

BRB provides subscribers with fresh sales leads in the greater St. Louis area that have been researched and verified by our trained staff. This information is the most reliable, accurate and timely available.

How Does BRB's Lead Service Work?

New leads are provided every business day, and accessed by email or this BRB website. Subscribers receive an email daily at 12:00 to 3:30pm at the moment the leads are published. Guaranteeing immediate access to the contact information.


Founded in St. Louis, Missouri in 1950, Business Research Bureau (BRB) was a pioneer in doing research on major changes going on in the local business community.

Who Uses BRB's Lead Service?

Companies selling products and B2B services, who want new leads first and daily in the St. Louis Metro area.